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History of Sphinx Temple No. 116

On May 19th, 1956 Past Queen Dorothy Davies, Supreme Deputy Organizer for Canada, called together members of various Temples to constitute Sphinx Temple No. 116, Daughters of the Nile. Our Charter Members of fifty-eight ladies, were initiated into Sphinx Temple No. 116. An Open Installation of our first officers was held. Queen Sarah Dack addressed the Ladies of the Household, telling them that "As Charter Members of Sphinx Temple, they were trail-blazers, not to build castles in the sky, but each must be sure the path they made ran straight and true for those who would follow after.”

These Charter Members enable us now to celebrate this milestone of our Temple. Our first initiation was held in November of 1956. One member was initiated - Princess Audrey Peabody. Our first official visit was on December 29th, 1956 by Supreme Queen Ruth Deaton, Sat-Ra Temple No. 59, Omaha, NE.

We are most fortunate to have three Charter Members still with us — Past Queen Marie Kellas, Princess Nell Macaulay, and Princess Sheila Blackie.

Our first Supreme Appointment was Junior Past Queen Sarah Dack as Supreme Escort to the Canadian Flag in 1957-1958. Since then many of our Past Queens have been honoured to serve Sphinx Temple as a Supreme Appointed Officer or a Supreme Appointee. Our first Supreme Queen, Nancelyn Ross, was installed at our first Supreme Session held here in Winnipeg at the Winnipeg Convention Centre in 2002.

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Past Supreme Queen - Nancelyn Ross (2002)
(1940 - 2018)

In September 1994, the Winnipeg Convention Centre introduced the Ambassador Plaque Program. Sphinx Temple was honoured with the presentation of an Ambassador Plaque in recognition of the successful 86th Supreme Session held June 7 - 13, 2002. This Plaque is permanently on display in the Winnipeg Convention Centre.

Eighteen ladies travelled to Vancouver, BC for our first journey to a Supreme Session in 1958. Our first Unit, the Patrol, traveled to their first Supreme Session in 1961 in Denver.

As the years have passed, our Temple has grown to over 280 members and we now have five Units. We are fortunate to have such talented ladies - those who started our Units and the current Directors/Captain. Patrol (1959) - Pr. Hazel Tinsley, Pr. Ruth Newton; Ilderim's Harem Dance & Pageantry (1977) - Pr. Nancelyn Ross, Pr. Lee Haddock; Choir (1981) - Pr. Audrey Hill, Pr. Margaret Collins; Tambourines (1988) - Pr. Addie McMillan, Pr. Dorothy Doran; and, most recently, Klassy Klowns (2002) - Pr. Shirley Codd.

Our most notable location for Sessions for more than 35 years was at 529 Wellington Crescent. In 1989 we relocated to the new Shrine Centre on Wilkes Avenue.

Among our membership are Ladies of the Household who have been presented with their Life Memberships. Twenty-Nine Charter Members who were with us at our 25th Anniversary received their Life Memberships in 1981. Over the years, four other Ladies of the Household have been presented with their Life Memberships -- Pr. Sophie Schumacher, Past Queen Ruth Hitesman, Pr. June Hall, who was our Recorder for 22 years and Past Supreme Queen Nancelyn Ross.

Through the years Sphinx Temple has been fortunate to receive bequests from our members which have assisted in beautifying our Temple paraphernalia. A portion of the bequest from Past Queen Hazel Mark greatly assisted in our 50th Anniversary Celebration held in 2006.

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We are very proud of our annual contributions to the Convalescent Relief Fund and the Convalescent Endowment Fund as a result of the hard work and fundraising of our members. Our committees are many and varied, and work hard to achieve success. Our newest committee is the Hospital Requests Committee for the Montreal Shrine Hospital, which has created an enthusiasm in our members and an awareness of the challenges and needs of the special Shrine children.

How absolutely incredible it is to know we can help children on THEIR journey to recovery!

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